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Storytellers Print from Threadless. Can't decide if I like the poster or the t-shirt better!

Quem Quaeritis Batman?, Public Library, Batman, "Where are we going, Batman?"

robin says, "where are we going, batman?" batman replies, "to the public library!" from libraries at the movies: why bruce wayne will never need a personal librarian

I imagine Flourish & Blotts would looks like a combination of these.

Endangered species Books Shelves Libraries (I like the pic of the bookshelves underneath the stairwell)

Die eindeloze lijst vsn boeken die je nog wil lezen...

I was born with a reading list I will never finish. So, so true. I've often said I had another life to live in which I only read.

Never judge a book by it’s cover…I WANT TO DO THIS

Never judge a book by it’s cover…

Book Blind Date. This is super cool. Could have students make "blind date" covers for books they've read. That way you can assess their knowledge of genre, main idea, etc. and use them the next year

a candle that smells like books. Might be a little redundant in my house...

A candle that smells like books. I love the smell of books and thought I'd like this.so it'll smell like you're burning books?