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    • Anne Goorkate

      Innovation Mexico City 1968 - Dick Fosbury, Fosbury Flop

    • Stephen Barrington

      Mexico City 1968 - Dick Fosbury, Fosbury Flop. Sometimes a man comes along who sees something different and does something different and changes the way others do things.

    • Stephen Huppert

      One of great example of creativity and innovation is Dick Fosbury, a former track and field athlete who revolutionized the high jump event. Until the 1968 Mexico Olympics, the customary way for a high jumper to cross the bar was with his body parallel to it, in a technique known as the Western Roll. But that was about to change. A little-known athlete approached the bar, which was set at a world record height of 7ft 4¼ inches, far higher then the previous world record, 5ft 8 inches. He took ...

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    I recently spoke to the manager of one large corporate pension scheme on the Continent who said that he was going to sell most of his French and German government bond holdings and invest in gilts instead because “they offer a lot more value”.

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