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    Best Insults from 90s Kids TV Shows // Flavorwire :) - Topanga was only supposed to be a guest star on the show for one or two episodes... but they liked her so much that they kept her on! Amazing!

    Did you know that to this day the Olsen Twins still call the cast of Full House by their names in the show? Because they were taught those names and not their real ones so they would get confused so to them this is still Uncle Jessie:) aaawww


    Full House

    Full House Michelle and Stephanie

    Michelle's funniest moments on Full House LOL!

    Easy A

    Full House's cutie pie michelle

    Full House: The Complete Series DVD Set $79.99

    I remember them!

    Full House

    full house

    maybe that was a reference they threw in there...... I mean if they are genius enough to come up with a good show such as full house I am sure they would be cool enough to do something like that but no I never knew lol

    I remeber this episode! Awe I miss the old disney channel :,( they should have a channel with ALL the old shows!

    mind your business

    I want my life to be like the Golden Girls when I'm older

    full house.


    Full House: The Complete Series DVD Set $79.99

    Rachel: Monica, we need more candy! Monica: What? There's only been like four kids. Rachel: Yeah I know, but one of them just said that she loved me so I gave her everything. Phoebe: No wonder you're pregnant. Friends TV show quotes