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Which "Full House" Female Are You? You got: Michelle! "While you’re quite possibly the world’s cutest thing, you also possess genius — it’s just that sometimes you don’t even realize when you’re being amazing. Which is a pretty awesome quality to have." Haha, yay! (: I love these quizzes!

Full House

Full House

Full House's cutie pie michelle

full house.

I remeber this episode! Awe I miss the old disney channel :,( they should have a channel with ALL the old shows!

Full House! <3

Set of 5 Full House Inspired Greeting Cards

Full House Michelle and Stephanie

Rachel: Monica, we need more candy! Monica: What? There's only been like four kids. Rachel: Yeah I know, but one of them just said that she loved me so I gave her everything. Phoebe: No wonder you're pregnant. Friends TV show quotes

Full House, Lmao

Classic SNL

Marriage. BBT

If I miss the 90s...


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Full House