Coromandel Bach / Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

Contemporary design beach house without missing an open space deck to relax. #fireplace #deck #chairs

Timms Bach / Herbst Architects

Bay of the Islands, NZ by Bossley Architects

'Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects is the Auckland based architectural firm that designed this awesome house in Omaha Beach in 2007. The part that I like most about this house is the expansive views out over the water and the large deck.'

Castle Rock Beach House in New Zealand

Casa Santa María / Etcheberrigaray + Matuschka

Entire side opening to a sand zen garden!

Forest House by Chris Tate, at Titirangi, a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand.

C Nott Architects - Tekepo Bach

The view from the back of my dream home.

Container - #shippingcontainer

container design inspiration

Laurel Way by WHIPPLE RUSSELL ARCHITECTS / Beverly Hills, California

Contemporary House Architecture

St Andrews House by Perkins Architects

#contemporary #architecture

Summer House by Mikael Bergquist

like a container house

Exotic Residence in Singapore : The Fish House