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ENTJ. I highly recommend for anyone who can to take the Meyer-Briggs personality test. It's such a great reference for career choices and decision making. Not just a random thing like a horoscope

The other pinner was incorrect, Barney Stinson IS an ENTJ. All his actions are very much planned, they only appear spontaneous, that's why some people confuse him with ESTP. There is also nothing feeling/perceiving about him which is common with the ESTP personality.

ESTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test! Me too, coach!

The younger of my two younger brothers. He went to a school for the arts during elementary and junior high school and is surrounded by NFs and an NT and has come out really well-rounded for his type. Very pleasant young man.

Myers-Briggs types in the bible. This is great. INFJ - Jeremiah. I've always felt I could relate to Jeremiah :)

Stressors that get my ESTJ friend spinning: check out this ESTJ stress head!

LOVE THIS! Harry Potter personality types - I'm ENTJ :) Love James!