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    American war correspondent Lee Miller takes a bath in Hitler's Munich apartment on the day the owner committed suicide. Miller was a correspondent for "Vogue» and worked with photographer David Sherman, who took this picture, April 30, 1945. Lee and Sherman went to Munich together with the 45th Division. They found an abandoned building at the undamaged Prinzenregentplatz, 27, went in, and they realized that it was Hitler's personal quarters. They stayed there for three days.

    Plaszow concentration camp.

    Mass Grave of Murdered Jews Discovered near Iwje, Poland, November 1945

    November 27, 1941, Deportation of Jews from Wuerzburg, Germany

    April 1942, Deportation of Jews from Wloclawek, Poland to the Chelmno Death Camp

    April 1941, One of the main streets in the Krakow Ghetto during a deportation

    Treblinka, Poland, Kurt Franz (right) with his younger brother, a soldier in the Luftwaffe. From the private album of Kurt Franz from the time of his service as Deputy Commandant of Treblinka. The album was presented by the prosecution at Franz's trial in Dusseldorf during the years 1964-5.

    The Jews of Chmielnik being deported to Treblinka.

    Macedonian Jews prepare to board a deportation train in Skopje. Skopje, Yugoslavia, March 1943.

    The USS Oklahoma is pulled upright after capsizing due to damage during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941. 21 massive GE DC motors were anchored to the shore and cables strung to the ship. It took three months to pull the ship upright. It was beached, patched up and sold for scrap, but while being towed to the US, it developed a leak. Despite the efforts of the salvors, the ship settled and finally, after many hours, rolled over and sank.

    Wobbelin Concentration Camp, Germany, WWII. This is a picture of the prisoners being "discovered" and taken to the hospital.

    2.22.1941 - The first raid in the Jewish quarter. Amsterdam Jews were herded on the Jonas Daniel Meijer Square. On 19 February 1941, the Grüne Polizei raided IJssalon Koco in Amsterdam-South. The owners defended themselves by spraying ammonia on the invaders. As retaliation 425 Jewish men between 20 and 35 years were on 22 and 23 arrested February and transported to the Mauthausen concentration camp.

    Enola Gay crew members prepare for their flight to Hiroshima.

    Briefing before Hiroshima bombing

    Truman with Japanese surrender

    Paul Tibbets being honoured for his role in the Hiroshima mission.

    One of the most poignant photos of the end of Nazi Germany: The mayor of Leipzig, his wife and his daughter (the uniformed nurse on the sofa) after committing suicide at the news of approaching US forces, April 20, 1945.

    Jewish ghetto of Amsterdam.

    Jews gathered in the courtyard on Lagiewnicka Street in Lodz awaiting final deportation.

    Directing pedestrian traffic in the Lodz ghetto.

    Front Gate at Belzec Extermination Camp

    Scene during the deportation of Jews to Treblinka killing center Lom, Bulgaria, March 1943.

    Arrival of a transport of Dutch Jews in the Theresienstadt ghetto. Czechoslovakia, February 1944.

    Deportation of Jews from the Westerbork transit camp. The Netherlands, 1943.

    Jews rounded up during the Warsaw ghetto uprising are forced to march to the assembly point for deportation. Warsaw, Poland, April or May 1943.