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this is you, borrowing my skateboard 60 years from now.. @Blanche C. Devereaux

What the Fluck? She needs to spend 12 months living in Saudia Arabia under Sharia Law & Wahabism. Let me know how that "promoting feminism" thing works out for ya, Sandra!

Kind of how I am feeling this morning....

sexism hurts everyone.

Love this quote

The strongest anti racism ads

21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis Really heard most of these in college I hope people learn

13 Incredibly Awesome Amy Poehler Quotes - my favorite is the last one: "When you feel scared, hold someone's hand and look into their eyes. And when you feel brave, do the same thing."

Bonjour Textual Art

This is how to handle someone with depression or an introvert who is upset and doesn't have the words to talk about it yet.

A women without a man is chillin. Love this. Celebrating Gloria Steinem #womenshistory

Nothing personal at all...

When this badass woman spoke the truth. | 19 Of The Most Badass Things That Have Ever Happened

Helen Mirren | 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism


It seems ridiculous to have to define consent at all, but in a culture where rape can be a woman's fault despite the fact that she did not say yes - it is absolutely necessary. Defining that "no" means everything except express consent is necessary in today's society.

every mother is a working mother

"Power to the Peaceful"


"A party without cake is just a meeting." Julia Child #quote #Julia_Child #party #cake #meeting