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Reasons why I love Benedict Cumberbatch number he can't make a proper hand heart.

" Jawn marry me !... " ~~  " Shut up Sherlock !!! " <----- repinning for this comment

Sherlock, Season The Sign of Three (Episode Very hilarious! I think it's the worst best man speech I have ever heard!

And then, Anderson

And then, Anderson

This saved my life

This saved my life

Ghost in the Stalls, Olan Rodgers

Ghost in the Stalls, Olan Rodgers funniest video ever, a little long but worth it

The only person to tell me that he is ugly, is himself. Which to that response I will tell him that in fact he is not ugly, but that he is absolutely the most handsome man ever. Period!

I will burn the heart out of you! "I've been told that people who don't like Benedict Cumberbatch don't have a heart though. Its true my child.

I can imagine he's been in the same position/knows what it's like when a role model ignores you and he doesn't want anyone to suffer the same feelings

OH Benedict.he actually kinda looks like the child that just had their teddy bear stolen

Not Good? - A Bit Not Good, yeah. - I say this all the time now :)

I think it’s really sweet that John never judges Sherlock for not being able to tell the difference between behaving well or badly when it comes to other people’s feelings. I mean, once he understands that Sherlock actually can’t tell.

30. I didn't make this.

"It's never summer in the Sherlock universe. Can you imagine Sherlock without his coat?

I would be SO happy if someone got me a life-size cardboard cutout of Ben/Sherlock ← no. I want Benedict.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston - Hand heart fail <3  At least they're trying. Haha ;D

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston - Hand heart fail At least they're trying.