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    It's not just the psychological battering that comes with the yo-yo dieting. It's the physical complications that few talk about. Get to the truth of both sides of the deadly ladder - click on through to read Golda Poretsky's revealing post. << 95% of diets don't work ... give HAES a try for intuitive eating and body movement :)

  • Jessie Matthews

    You didn't sign up for yo-yo dieting - #skinnyisalie #HAES #BodyPositiveProject #thinspokills #StopDieting

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Being told your entire life you're "fat" just because of a number on a scale, regardless of the fact that you're a Sectional/State level qualifying athlete, takes its toll after a while. Girls are taught from a young age that the only 'healthy' is to be skinny, and that's not the case. We can't all be tiny, but we can ALL be healthy and fit. No excuses.

This. I don't want to spend my life unhappy, hungry, being horribly mean to everyone and obsessed with food I'm not eating just to be slightly less fat than I am now. There are way better things to do with my time.

it's not a competition. unless you are competing against yourself and what you want to achieve. I want to dance again. I will dance again. that is what I love. just have to get this mom of 3 body moving again.

I keep trying to tell myself this, yet, all of the fashion pictures on Pinterest and in the magazines are of women who appear to weigh less than 110 lbs!

There aren't 'fat cows' and 'skinny b**ches' like we hear so often on the Internet. There are just women. Tall, short, thin and curvy- all beautiful in their own way. Don't hate or envy others because of their body. They could be thinking the same about you.

edited by a tumblr user…i like this.

Heh heh heh. I know it's been said before, but it's cool that somebody on Tumblr quoted me with this picture once. That was before I ragequit it the first time.

This helps you to eat intuitively, and to become more in tune with your body’s needs.

from the book "Intuitive Eating"-I read it--it actually REALLY helps you lose weight without the failed dieting

The principles of intuitive eating. Seems like common sense, but take a second to think about it.