Moiré silk tea gown with cotton lace trim (back), probably American, 1875-80. The teagown was intended to be worn at home while greeting receiving people. It did not require the wearer to don a corset underneath. This level of comfort was only permissible in one's own home. An interesting construction aspect of this teagown is the back, which resembles a redingote and adds a masculine touch to a highly feminine garment.

Tea gown 1875-80


Date: 1885–88 Culture: American Medium: cotton, silk

1870's green gown with asymmetrical skirt and fringe.

Gorgeous lace @Nordstrom

This is the closest gown i've ever seen in the real world to a sketch/drawing of a special Cinderella edition i have. Fairy Godmother, I'm over here!

Gorgeous teal gown by Amsale

Silk tea dress, 1898; Two-piece mint green China silk, chemical lace flounce trim on bodice and skirt, excellent; B 32", W 22", Skirt L 42"-46"

Dress Date: ca. 1895 Culture: American (probably) Medium: silk. Front

British tea gown, c. 1875

Ball Gown 1854, American or European, Made of silk

Blue silk woven dress polonaise style 1770-1785

Ca.1875 Dress, American via Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Worth gown, 1875-76. Ivory silk Tour de Gros.

1885 tea gown

1780's round gown

Farb-und Stilberatung mit - Tadashi Shoji Sequin Lace Gown

American ball gown, 1860