Craft Scissors and Nail Polish.

Scotch tape nail tutorial <3

How to Chevron ! I have tons of these scissors from when I was little..Thinking of all the cool designs I could do on my nails..

...Keep Calm and duct Your Nails... 1.Apply Base coat 2. cut thin strips of duct tape 3. place tape on nails 4. apply top coat 4. apply clear polish for gloss finish.

gold nail art idea

How To: Taped mani

Paint your nails a white polish.Take a peice of tape and pull at the tape randomly, put the prices on your nail, and use a red nail polish to go over the nail creating a peppermint looking nail

Nailart: White silver gliter naildesign-- I can't wait till my rhinestones come in!

I love this. Nails are awesome

two-tone purple nails with a silver stripe

for should so try this

Gloss design on matte black Looks awesome!

silver tips

Black and white nails!

Gloss and matte black

Nail painting

Essie nail polish in "She Said Yes"



Chloe's Nails: Scotch Tape Manis

rainbow striping tape