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  • Chloe Dame

    i grew up with the harry potter books. this book series was half my life. there will never another book series like this one. loved everything about this series. <3 i will miss you harry potter.

  • Grimm Waz

    Guys, I have to say something. The Harry Potter series was the first book series I ever really loved, it helped me believe in myself, so it's really special to me. I agree with every single word in the post above, just letting you all know.

  • Karate Bates

    Harry Potter Nerd and Proud, so true

  • Alisha S

    So true and such a huge part of my childhood.

  • Patti Lowder

    What Harry Potter taught me... I can think of more life lessons in the Harry Potter series. Love.

  • Allison Burdorff

    What Harry Potter taught me. So true.

  • Haley Vaughn

    Quality life lessons learned from the Harry Potter series!

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