Plectranthus zuluensis - bright shade


[tropics] ... 'Wow' ... one more time, doesn't quite cover it

pilea peperomioides (chinese money plant)

Plectranthus neochilus

Persian Shield. Easily multiplied by simply breaking off and sticking in potting soil. Plant Width 24 in - 2 ft 6 in Foliage Color Blue Green, Burgundy, Purple Light Requirements Full - Part Shade

Yellow Stonecrop (Sedum Acre) forms a dense carpet of fleshly, green leaves and countless star-shaped yellow flowerets. This evergreen plant is a ground cover that holds its leaves in winter.

peacock plant | *omnia*

Echeveria 'Afterglow' succulent plant, fleshy leaves, purple and pink desert drought tolerant-judywhite/ Garden

Japanese Maple

Leaf Ladder by janet little, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania. Looks like a frond of a member of the Adiantum genus or maidenhair ferns. The black dots are spores, not bugs.

Sedum Tricolor

Heuchera maxima, Island Alum Root, grows excellently under Quercus agrifolia, in oak leaf mulch, as shown in this photo with Sanicula crassicaulis.

Piece of Eden: Echeveria Propagation

Escargot Begonia - would have to be an inside container plant for me, not hardy enough for zone 4

Sedum Elizabeth

Water Drops...macro

Sempervivum 'Violet Queen'

Heuchera 'Plum Pudding'

Salvia 'Allen Chickering' at  San Marcos Growers

Sempervivum Twilight Blues S-1236