Old broken bike wheels make great (and beautiful) trellises for plants.

Love the idea of growing a vine on a bottle tree. From Felder Rushing.

Bicycle rims

Geodesic Dome from upcycled bike rims!! Instructables.com has the design! This would make the BEST secret fort for kids if you could get climbing plants to cover it!!

Step 1: find old bike tires. Step 2: make a nifty trellis!

Bike fence love this idea. I guess you can call if fence art : ) @Bryan Ford, think mom would let you do this? haha!

gardening idea...

A great trellis idea for climbing vines!

Gourd Trellis

Cute garden markers.

PVC trellis will last much longer and can spray paint any color you want.

recycled screen door "trellis"

Don't send those old bricks, left over tiles, broken dishes or other eclectic finds to the dump... build a walking / memory path.

"Waste Not, Want Not" by Adrianne Masters

belle idée chevelue

paint and hang an old tire and use it as a planter (looks neat AND you're recycling)


Bike Wheel Trellis Old bike wheels will make a brilliant trellis for plants that need to be trained and also creates a really funky reclaimed garden sculpture.