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Jensen is a sweet, loving man...he can just take so much of the cruel and sick fans.he loves the kind and nice fans...Jared, Misha and the rest have his back and he has theirs when it starts getting bad!

What if (Happy 35th bday Jensen) by on @deviantART


Jana_Bluebird on

I like how only the tone for Jared doesn't change. He's still just posing, making the duck face. Jensen goes from 'OMG! I'm so happy! I'm gonna pee!' to 'OMG! I'm going to murder your whole family and make you watch!" and Misha goes from unamused to "I like watching you while you sleep"

Jensen and Jared convention panel...I LOVED when Jared passed the auction to Jensen by saying "You talk...good." Then, when Jared tried to help Jensen with it a minute later, Jensen stopped him w/ "Shhhhhh, I'm trying to DO this!" It was such a DEAN moment. ;D

I laughed waaaaaay too hard at Jared, the big moose puppy man.