Street art sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin . Called Politicians discussing global warming

Daniel Firman   :: Paris-based artist, Daniel Firman is known for his realistic and bold sculptures that quite frequently challenge his audience's interpretive skills. Over the past ten years, Firman's work has been shown all over the world and is a household name for those who frequent the Galerie Perrotins in Paris.

public art.

Graziano Locatelli installation

Expansion, New York, USA As light creeps out of the cracks of this statue’s body, a world of messages are portrayed by artist Paige Bradley. All of the pieces are cast in bronze and made to float separately from one another. #Art #Sculpture

bonsai tree houses!

Britt-Ingrid Persson

Elephant sculpture / street art #streetart #publicart #artwork #elephant


Public art installation called

David Harber, UK. Polished stainless steel portal.

berlin installation by isaac cordal

Ron Mueck

This is amazing!


Most Amazing Sand Sculptures

Justine Khamara. Inspiring; asmall or large photo printed, paste on cardboard and cut in slices...will this work? :)

Levitating Elephant Installation Balancing On Its Trunk - Interestingly floating above the ground, this creatively charged exhibit piece named Nasutamanus was imagined by contemporary French artist Daniel Firman. Being connected to the wall with its trunk, the floating elephant sculpture displays what an elephant can do at 18 000 Km from earth gravity. | #Art #Sculpture #Installation |

Iron Man and Other Brilliant Cardboard Sculptures by Kai-Xiang Xhong - My Modern Met ダンボール製?