"Floor": By Do Ho-Suh. #art #installation

Street art sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin . Called Politicians discussing global warming

Expansion, New York, USA As light creeps out of the cracks of this statue’s body, a world of messages are portrayed by artist Paige Bradley. All of the pieces are cast in bronze and made to float separately from one another. #Art #Sculpture

bonsai tree houses!

Giant car sculpture

Amazing sculpture art!

Most Amazing Sand Sculptures


Shop for Uttermost At Play, Sculpture, 19445, and other Accessories at Carolina Furniture in Amherst, NY. This statue depicts one of the fun and special times between a mother and her child. This is made from hand beaten iron with a heavily antiqued chestnut finish.

Anish Kapoor, Tall Tree & the Eye, 2009


Marc André Robinson.

Wind spiral #nature #art

david harber / mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture

driftwood sculpture. Pretty amazing!

Zarko Baseski installation.


Gripping Book Art: 31 Sculptures Worth Reading About | WebUrbanist

Glass Buddha Sculpture

Suspended Charcoal Installation Art