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Sometimes I feel this way toward people. Props to Sherlock for verbalizing things I would be too polite to say out loud myself. >:)

Okay despite the terribleness of this, I can't help but bubble up and giggle because LOOK AT SHERLOCK HES SO CUTE AND EXCITED BECAUSE HE FOUND HIS JAWN

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Tumblr Explains Why "Sherlock" Needs To Come Back On The Air Right Now

i should probably be concerned that, given a choice between ariel and jim moriarty, i would choose the serial killer over the princess in a heartbeat. | The Little Mermaid + Sherlock

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Tumblr Reacts To The "Sherlock" Season 3 Premiere

Sherlock Season 3 Spoilers Friends hug you when you come back from the dead, best friends punch you (Sherlock BBC)

This is actually so accurate for me it hurts, started with Sherlock, currently making my way through doctor who and have already set aside time this summer to start supernatural