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This could be the scene in the end of a novel. The character has found a new, bittersweet life. She walks forward, and sets her eyes to the future.

by Roman Kargapolov - Something about this photo really strikes me. I'd love to have such an emotive photo of myself with my pets.

"When morning came the storm broke and cleared; the sun shone gloriously over Mistawis; and at noon Barney came home. Valancy saw him from the oriel as he came around a wooded point, slender and black against the glistening white world."

umbrella.....hmmm, I don't even have a red umbrella. I am going to keep an eye out for one. NB❤️

"Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity” ― Novala Takemoto,

settings for getting this photo, with the snowflakes in focus: exposure 1/8000 sec, Aperature f/1.8, focal length 85 mm, ISO Speed 400, then have something dark (the trees) in the background so the snowflakes will stand out, and manually focus on the snowflakes

winter magic...News Flash die hard will miss winter no matter how much you are enjoying the "great weather" i.e. Dennis Miller! Do you not understand it is not all about you....nature is hugely affected by this shit!

...snowy forests...a winter wonderland...

What a lovely place to spend the Christmas holidays! Take me here

Snow always looks so beautiful --- some where else. I can admire it's beauty without wanting to experience it first hand!