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    cyanometer: an instrument that measures the blueness of the sky

    • Adriana Kon

      Horace-Bénédict de Saussure's cyanometer, an instrument that measures the blueness of the sky [a study of blue]

    • Lara

      Cyanometer by Horace-Bénédict de Saussure: An instrument that measures the blueness of the sky #blue #palette

    • Jade Sanceri

      A cyanometer (from cyan and -meter) is an instrument for measuring 'blueness', specifically the colour intensity of blue sky

    • twenty2 Wallpaper

      love this ombre and this tool: Cyanometer, by Horace-Bénédict de Saussure. An instrument that measures the blueness of the sky.

    • Allison Jackson

      A cyanometer, instrument that measures the blueness of the sky. Shows tone on tone blue. These blue tones would be so pretty with copper and grey.

    • CHaLK NYC

      shades of denim #indigo #chalknyc #chalkaholic #inspiration

    • Simply Dreaming

      Saussure's cyanometer #embroidery #art #palette #blue #circle

    • Heather Storrs

      Armed with his tools and a small chemistry set, he trekked round the valleys and beyond. As his trips carried him ever higher, he puzzled about the colour of the sky. Local legend had it that if one climbed high enough it turned black and one would see, or even fall into, the void - such terrors kept ordinary men away from the peaks. But to Saussure, the blue colour was an optical effect. And because on some days the blue of the sky faded imperceptibly into the white of the clouds, Saussure concluded that the colour must indicate its moisture content. But how to measure 'blueness'? Using suspensions of Prussian blue, Saussure dyed paper squares every shade of blue he could distinguish between white and black. These were assembled into a numbered colour circle that could be held up to the zenith at a standard distance from the eye - the matching square established the degree of blue.

    • Brooke Van Clee

      blue color wheel

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    A cyanometer is an instrument for measuring 'blueness', specifically the colour intensity of blue sky. It is attributed to Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and Alexander von Humboldt. It consists of squares of paper dyed in graduated shades of blue and arranged in a color circle or square that can be held up and compared to the color of the sky. Or perhaps for measuring the age or era of your denim.

    Lulu Wolf Sacred Geometry ♥

    Cyanometer Postcard Artist MACARENA RUIZ-TAGLE has recently created a postcard version of the instrument: “The Cyanometer Postcard refers to the variations of blueness when looking at the sky on a certain moment, to write this information down and share it with the receiver. It seeks to communicate senders and receivers across the latitudes of the world when thinking about the sky.”

    The Cyanometer Is a 225-year-old tool for measuring the blueness of the sky. The simple device was invented in 1789 by Swiss physicist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt who used the circular array of 53 shaded sections in experiments above the skies over Geneva, Chamonix and Mont Blanc. The Cyanometer helped lead to a successful conclusion that the blueness of the sky is a measure of transparency caused by the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.

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    Sacred Geometry ♥

    Sky Kim. #circle #circular #spherical #mandala #postmandala

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