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Is chalk paint the same as chalkboard paint? Do homemade versions of chalk paint work as well as the Annie Sloan version? What about waxing over chalk paint? This article answers all those questions and more - comparing different methods of mixing chalk paints - great info here - Diane of InMyOwnStyle - #furniture #home #decor #repaint #chalk #paint #DIY #homemade - tå√

Another recipe for making Chalk Paint using calcium carbonate from Health Food Shop. Use 2 ounces of Calcium Carbonate to one sample size paint jar, which is 8 ounces. Mix 1/2 ounce of hot water in with the Calcium Carbonate first and stirred until it was completely dissolved and paste like (about 1 minute). Then add sample size paint and blend by hand for a few minutes..super easy.

Easy DIY Chalk Paint Recipe! This a huge money saver especially if you are painting medium to big sized items.

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DIY recipe for chalk paint. Best one out there! any color chalk paint awesome have to try

Chalk-Paint-Test - Compares DIY chalk paint made with Plaster of Paris, Non Sanded Grout and Annie Sloan. Awesome post with a ton of great info!

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make your own chalk paint with latex paint and BAKING SODA!

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DIY: Chalk Paint - here are a few short tricks to keep in mind if you use chalk paint. The link also shows things we may have never thought to paint.

10 Paint Secrets: what you never knew about paint. Good to know!

Chalk paint can be applied directly onto fabric

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Great tutorial on how to use chalk paint

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Allover damask stencil on walls and Chalk Paint® decorative paint on furniture by WonderFaux Studio Houston | Royal Design Studio Stencils

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