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1. HandFish, a cousin to the angler fish. Brachionichthys politus from Tasmania. They 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor. COOL!

Some of the most beautiful sea creatures can’t be photographed underwater, so this photographer found a different way to take their portraits. Here’s an up close and personal look at the delicate and colorful inhabitants of the White Sea.

National Geographic Newsfrom National Geographic News

13 Stunning Photos From 10-Year Sea Census

Baby Slipper Lobster Photograph courtesy Peter Parks,, from the book Citizens of the Sea

Fine Art Americafrom Fine Art America

A Male Sea Horse With Young Emerging Canvas Print / Canvas Art by George Grall

A Male Sea Horse With Young Emerging Photograph

DUGONG (large marine mammal; related to manatees and sea cows; was hunted for its meat and blubber almost to extinction in the 1700s; most live in the northern waters of Australia; the only strictly vegetarian mammal in the oceans and seas)