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Great idea!

SO SMART! Tank Top Space Saver!

Couturella: The best DIY shoe ideas

such a good idea!

shoe storage - SMART !

Pop can tab idea !!! to a picture hanger !!!!

ORGANIZE | POT LIDS :: Use Command Hooks on cabinet doors! I read that they need to be spaced far enough apart so the top of the lid doesn't lead out too far, but close enough together so the lid doesn't slide between them. I've seen some people use 2, others use 3 hooks per lid. :: CLICK FOR Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 32 Pics

shoe rack for cleaning supplies

Use old crates as wall storage bins | 40 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks

Cut shoe boxes in half, along the length or width, and fill the resulting compartments with folded briefs, socks, or stacked bras.

ikea shoe drawers, Hemnes collection. holds 27 pairs. how did i not know this existed? @brittanyjw possibly the answer to our shoe storing woes?

cord holders.

kids crafts storage

Coat rack...shoe rack

PVC shoe rack PVC shoe rack PVC shoe rack

what to do with all those foreign coins you've saved.....

Self Stick tiles for wire shelving. DUH! Genius. I hate my wire shelves! My stuff always falls through and tips over. for-the-home

Turn a bookcase into a bar

Wow...rake as jewelry holdersonicbob marley