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Anti-gravity Bengal Cat Enjoys a Leisure Floating Around

The Serval (Leptailurus serval) has long legs for running and jumping, big ears for hearing (even animals underground) and are camouflaged at nighttime.

Something tells me that I should be eating you right now! Oops, did I just growl that aloud?

BVLGARI Emeralds from Richard Burton #LizTaylor. Breath taking!

If looking at this picture doesn't clue you in to the souls of of our four legged friends then you're not looking!

I am honestly more a dog person but I have kinda always wanted a black cat... They are so mysterious and beautiful.

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it really breaks my heart when i think about how beautiful and majestic big cats are and how there are so few left in the wild. THEY ARENT MEANT TO BE IN CAPTIVITY WITH SNOT NOSED KIDS TAPPIN ON THE GLASS. humans are completely destroying planet Earth. and everything on this planet is linked SOMEHOW one thing can affect the other in the most intricate ways. people dont pay enough attention these days.

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