Sharpied Sea Shells: Use 1.0 size sharpie, following lines, curves & doodle away! By Barbara Moloney Callen

Beautiful colors...

Egg Cowrie Seashell White Ovula Ovum Sea Shell

Colourful seashells. Click to shop rainbow colourways by Matthew Williamson.

auger stellatus shell Facebook: Anna Maria Island Beach Life Twitter: AMIHomerental

** ❥ Heart Cockles (seashells) I have never seen seashells like these and think they are so beautiful-you can,t beat nature for colour and design

Con estos hermosos vestigios podemos formar contrastes Embrace que inundan nuestro ambiente de tranquilidad.

I recently found two of these washed ashore walking with my pug on Del Mar Dog Beach. It's unusual to find big pretty shells like this!

The Starfish is the Make A Wishlet mascot #starfish #makeawishlet shell

The sea..gorgeous table decoration using a trifle dish, some seashells, a candle, and some decorative sand...

Precious me, this is the PERFECT seashell! Beautiful, architectural, captivating & a rare find on the beach! By far, my FAVORITE seashell! :)

Lovely Colors Of Seashells!

.LOVE strawberry turbans! so little, perfect accent shells.

Harpa Cabritti shell. I've always loved harp shells.

Beach life -

Trumpet shell in sand, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Shells on the beach

Stars are born - Among a sea of shells, let you be the odd one out.

I have this, I am just not sure what kind of shell it is, I know it's some kind of triton though.

Do it yourself ideas and projects: 50 Magical DIY Ideas with Sea Shells