@Overstock - The Redwood Cat Tree is the largest of our forest line of cat furniture. The green fabric and brown sisal rope give your cat a feeling of being outdoors amongst the trees while actually being safe inside your home. http://www.overstock.com/Pet-Supplies/Redwood-Cat-Tree-Furniture/6059408/product.html?CID=214117 $121.99

Go Pet Club Jungle Gym Cat Tree Pet Furniture. $104.49 (via Overstock.com) as of April 2, 2012. Your cat is sure to enjoy this durable pet furniture from Go Pet Club. The jungle gym furniture features ladders and scratch posts to keep cats entertained for hours. Could see getting a couple of these for the "Cat Army" so to keep the peace in different rooms of the house. Also to get my desk and bed space back. It could happen. Really.

Diy Cat tree

diy cat tree

Now THIS is a cat tree!

Diy Cat tree

Cat Tree.


The "Beanstalk" Cat Tree. Love the trunk & branches so thoroughly sisal roped wrapped for great scratching! #cat #CatTree

Majestic Pet 44" Bungalow Sherpa Cat Tree...on sale for #$81.95 but out-of-stock:( usually almost twice the price

Amazon.com: SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber: Pet Supplies

cat tree with inside climbing #cattree

DIY Cat tree

Modern Cat Tree

Amazon.com: The Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Corner in White: Pet Supplies

DIY Cat tree

I want to do this one day for my cat.

#cat house

Cat Trees

Go Pet Club 106" Three Condo Cat Tree #$116.99 Like the 3 condos in design.

cat trees