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Prayer Garden - make a class flower with each child contributing an idea

To be used at Sunday School, Easter Sunday!!

How Many Words Can You Make Out Of Resurrection

slender wooden dowels cut in short lengths string or yarn paper shapes Patterns hole punch card stock weight paper crayons or markers to decorate shapes clear tape

resurrection eggs...This is super cute!! I love this!!!! And it is a shorter version for those younger kids!

  • Nik Mac

    oh, neat! I have a longer variation for older kids, but this one looks great for wee ones.

Great projects for kids that let them know the real meaning behind Easter!

Resurrection Scene. A great Sunday School Project. Make this ahead of time out of salt dough and let the kids paint them as Sunday School craft.

Easter Crafts Pinterest | The Fairy would love to hear from YOU! :-) Seriously, it's my favorite ...

Sunday School..could use our song with this....yellow, red, black, white, green

  • Carly *Fuselier* Trahan

    Keep up the good work! We have to make church fun and exciting. If kids arent interested they will soon be interested in worldly things. Church needs to teach the biblical basics in a fun environment! REMEMBER THAT JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN!!!! TRUTH AND LOVE AND FUN ARE ALWAYS A GOOD COMBINATION!!!!

  • Trina

    Except you're not teaching truth. You are teaching lies, pagan traditions, as you lay aside the commands of god. You don't have to like the truth, but the thing is, your dislike doesn't change it.

  • Carly *Fuselier* Trahan

    And i looked at TRINAS BOARD- SHE has ALOT of pornagraphic material. So dont worry what SHE thinks!!!! Trust GOD and have fun teaching kids about JESUS AND I WILL PRAY FOR TRINA!!!

  • Trina

    Such arrogance you have. Please, don't worry about what I think. Don't care about me at all. Care enough to make sure you're following something worth following. I've read the bible cover-to-cover, and disprove of slavery, forcing rape victims to marry their attackers, killing non-believers, and all the other awful things god said were okay. But since you want to claim to still follow him back up your holidays with bible verses. You can't because you're lying. Not to me because I know better, but to yourself. And rather than pray for me, how about you feed a hungry child, instead? Two working hands can do far more than a thousand clasped in empty prayers.

  • Carly *Fuselier* Trahan

    Peace and love and salvation to you Trina. GOD created you in His image and He loves you very much!

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sunday school room? okuheartpengu