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Here's an infographic about recent research on charitable giving.

Charitable Alternatives for Birthday Gifts

This infographic shows the contrast between Rio de Janeiro, the wealthy state in southwest Brazil, and Maranhao, an impoverished state in northeast Brazil.

Compassion Explorer Magazine is available for free to Compassion sponsors and donors. Click here to find out more about receiving this magazine for kids!

This Fact Check infographic shows how much time is invested in children's lives as a result of sponsors' support.

Carter's Idea - a video detailing his journey and his belief that all disabled children deserve to be cared for and loved.

Bring inspiring stories from our work around the world to your fingertips with the free Compassion Magazine app for iPhone and iPad.

Great idea.

Glue a piece from magazine let kids expand an image with their own details.

Tell someone you care by caring for others - select a gift from Compassion's Gift Catalog and bless two lives today.

Ntakiyimana lives in Rwanda with his grandmother. He likes to play soccer. He has been waiting over 6 months for a sponsor, will you be the one to end his wait today?

Sham just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago. But this little guy from Bangladesh has been waiting 321 days for a sponsor. Sponsor him today and you can send him a belated birthday greeting.

Dasith lives in Sri Lanka with his aunt and 2 siblings. He likes art and he helps at home by caring for animals. Pray for him to find a sponsor today.

This little guy is Valen. He is from Indonesia and he has been waiting over 400 days for a sponsor.

Florence lives in Kenya with her grandparents. She could certainly use the encouragement of a loving sponsor.

Geidy needs a sponsor! She is five years old and lives in Colombia with her parents. She likes playing with dolls and playing house (how cute?!). Will you sponsor her?

This sweet little girl is Souglimani. She lives in Burkina Faso with her family where she is responsible for running errands. Souglimani has been waiting 202 days for a sponsor.

Some words I need to learn. :)