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    Sweet story of an Oregon woman who reconnected with her formerly sponsored child, who was facing the biggest health challenge of her life.

    This amazing woman, a former sponsored child, fought government corruption in Uganda even after her colleagues were poisoned.

    Bring inspiring stories from our work around the world to your fingertips with the free Compassion Magazine app for iPhone and iPad.

    Follow a day in the life of Odupoi, a 13-year-old Kenyan in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, who's facing a choice: follow tribal traditions or take a more modern path?

    Compassion Magazine - Delivering powerful stories of children whose lives are being changed through the Church.

    Christian comedian Chonda Pierce tells about her painful childhood and what it was like to meet her sponsored child, Arley, in Colombia this year.

    Cast away no longer: an isolated island in Ecuador offers a unique look at the challenges Compassion faces to meet children's greatest needs when first arriving in a community. #ecuador

    This Fact Check infographic shows how much time is invested in children's lives as a result of sponsors' support.

    This infographic shows the contrast between Rio de Janeiro, the wealthy state in southwest Brazil, and Maranhao, an impoverished state in northeast Brazil.

    76-year-old Margaret Lutley hopes to have met all 27 of her sponsored children by the time she's 77!

    Not sure what to send to your sponsored child? Photos of sponsors are a prized possession for kids in the Compassion program!

    Have you thanked your sponsored child for their part in your life? Tell them in a letter today and maybe make one of these bookmarks to remind them how important they are in your life!

    Birthday Letter Ideas

    Send your sponsored child a few Origami Butterflies to celebrate #spring

    A special bouquet from your family to your sponsored child's mother.

    No time to write a letter this month? Here is a Simple DIY Pop-Up Card to make and send to your sponsored child that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

    Even though he has been waiting 269 days for a sponsor, David from Bolivia is all smiles! He likes to play with marbles and he regularly attends Bible class. Let's end his wait for a sponsor today.

    Create a little book for your sponsored child with a single sheet of paper

    This is such a fun tutorial on how to make a beautiful pop up flower card! This would be such a neat card to send to your sponsored child! :)

    letter ideas for your sponsored child #Compassion #letters

    A cardboard mini album - Things I like (good idea of theme for albums to send to sponsor kids)