Rukia, who's living with HIV in Kenya, makes these colorful beads out of paper strips and turns them into beautiful jewelry to sell. She got help through a program at her local church to start the jewelry business. Now she can afford to feed the kids in her family and send them to school.

Little Liza from India has been waiting 230 days for a sponsor. She likes to play house and play with dolls. She is learning about Jesus at her local church, but she would love to learn that she has a sponsor today.

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In February 2011, just three months after the drought in Africa began, Compassion Kenya reported that more than half of the Compassion centers in the country had been affected by the drought.

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We got to meet some adorable babies while visiting one of Compassion's church partners in Haiti. The babies and their caregivers are getting vaccinations, health care, nutritious food and lots more in the Child Survival Program.

Eric, a sponsored teen in Kenya, collects dirty water that his family will purify with a filter that Compassion donors provided. Walking long distances to collect water takes up a lot of time for women and children in developing countries.

Model Minorities: Welcome to the Church

Self dependent - How is child sponsorship helping local churches become self dependent? Why is it important for the local church to be self dependent?

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Medical interventions provide dramatic evidence of how Compassion is working with local churches to change children's lives.

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We focus on developing the whole child, an approach that helps release children from poverty instead of merely sustaining them through it. |

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The Cost of Child Labor - You can help stop child labor before it starts

Meet Joshua, a malaria researcher who often came down with the illness as a boy growing up in Kenya.

Pinki: The girl most likely to start a revolution

Rukia, a Kenyan woman living with HIV, makes beautiful beads for jewelry out of recycled paper she finds. She sells her jewelry to provide for her family.