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Funny pictures about Punctuation is powerful. Oh, and cool pics about Punctuation is powerful. Also, Punctuation is powerful photos.

You Got Lawyered…haha

You Got Lawyered…

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 65 Pics omg that's hilarious!

Found the i in team

Team A-hole. Never join a team and when they say there's no I in team and that your not a team player say, thanks for your keen observation Brilliantstein but there is an I in team A-hole, let me show you. It's in the a-hole.

Yes, woman are as strong as men, but we are all equal, and people keep putting the other down, no you don't get to choose who you are born, so why does it matter?

The only thing I don't lie about this is the nail polish comment, that just seems to ruin the post all together. Also, do not confuse that this is saying girls are stronger than boys, strength differs strictly by person and not gender.

OMG! That's so cool read it the way it says it's cool

Please don't get mad.

It was confusing for me. Just look at number one and then look at the number it tells u. And keep going to the number each one tells u

did you catch that?... haha uh-yep

Did you just catch that? I think this may just be my all time favorite gif. Love the looks on both of their faces! ~In case anyone wants to know: the batter is Troy Tulowitzki and the pitcher, Jose Fernandez.

~ same sky, separate souls ~

21 Times All Your Fears About Growing Up Were Summed Up Perfectly. Seriously this just perfectly described my life

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Funny pictures about Teacher Just Got Burned. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher Just Got Burned. Also, Teacher Just Got Burned photos.

Funny kid photos | New borns are fun!

Haha, that's too fun