Different morning work ideas

Love this idea

Measuring Length anchor chart from First Grade Wow!

i have to make this next year

pay attention

1st Grade Calendar Math Journal

student work display

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A Literate Life - Student Work - I'm the kind of reader who...I'd like to be the kind of reader who...Three Reading Goals...LOVE this idea!!!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Morning Meeting & YouTube Inspiration. Trying this next year. This will be a good starting point.

Great idea for back to school night!

reward ideas

great idea

Morning Message ideas

Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting Ideas! Love that the planning includes reflection! Why dont I already do that?!

Education to the Core: Morning Work Bundle for First Grade. Get two weeks FREE! @janajo

Students must highlight their name before putting it in the tray. Great way to make sure all papers have names!

schedule visuals

I love this idea to always have something for students to work on. Students always work at difference paces so it is important to always have the students engaged so they don't disrupt the rest of the class who is still working.

"Would You Rather..." Questions | Fun Get-To-Know-You idea for the first day of school! I did a force choice question 8 times - and then had the students predict how many different variations there could be. (2^8) We then discussed what this could represent... coin tosses, true/false tests. Great way to have fun and do math on the first day!

This schedule would be great when working with little kids or children with autism