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Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Spooks/MI-5, Robin Hood, Pride & Prejudice, North and South, any literary film adaptation...

Every time. It's soul-crushing. And if/when my books are made into films, I will not allow this to happen. Dang it.

ATTENTION: I HAVE SUCESSFULLY DESCRIPED FANDOM STUFF, SHIPPING OTPs.CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ It is a page on my blog that describes fandom to normal people.

That's why you should be like the doctor and rip out the last page (bites finger and weeps) oh god here we go again

Nerd Girl Problems- pple not knowing who Benedict Cumberbatch annoys me so much!!!!

Nerd Girl Problem ... when you use your favorite insult from your favorite book and the person has no idea they were insulted. suggested by leighanne021803

This upsets me. Twilight can't even be in the same bracket at Hunger Games.

Nerd Girl Confession 21 - A Movie Comes Out That Everyone Loves And You Think "Screw Everyone! I Read The Book First!"

I'm not the only one who does this?!?

and finally Busty Girl Problem #10 - Ruffles, of which i do not & shall not EVER own!!