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Paint Chip Synonyms... I know its a teaching trick for elementary school teachers but I might actually use this

make a spreadsheet and print off, now all I have to do is go back and change the words each time I want to make a new gameboard. Roll the dice and read the word that corresponds with your roll.  From example above: he rolled 4/c, he then read the word: OUT.  Once he correctly reads the word he crosses it off with his marker.  Each child can use a different colored marker to see who wins the game with the most crossed off or I had teaser play the game by himself to just get an idea of how…

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

No More Overused Words

No More Overused Words - Ideas for getting rid of those boring words and replacing them with better ones!


Practice Paint Sample Storytelling Activity

Practice Paint Sample Storytelling

synonyms...i LOVE this because the colors on the paint strip are similar, but note exactly the same...just like the words

Ages 6-8yrs (1st grade-2nd grade) C.EL.2 Understands concept that the alphabet represents the sounds of spoken language and the letters of written language