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  • Christin Wasson

    A Father's Day ad for retailer JCPenney features a “real-life” gay couple and their children. The copy of the ad, titled First Pals, reads: “What makes Dad so cool? He's the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver – all rolled into one. Or two.”

  • Liz L

    Not a specific idea or quote like most of the posts, I tend to put on this board, but a great concept of family and acceptance and love in this advertisement. Hooray for JCP for ignoring the bigotry and moving forward with more diverse ads featuring families of all kinds. It's beautiful, really! Happy Father's Day! "JC Penney Launches Father's Day Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Kids" @ Joe.My.God.

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Celebrating Mothers' Day - yes the apostrophe goes there! I stand with JCPenny!

Sometimes if you want your partner/friend/family member to treat you with kindness, then being kind to your partner/friend/family member first will invite kindness in return. See if it works. It might take a few acts of kindness before your partner/friend/family member softens and things change, but making the decision to be kind can actually change the direction of your relationship(s).

The billboard made for Italy, says 'We are open to all families', showing a gay couple holding hands but has caused outrage in the Catholic country

"Why these ministers are voting against anti-gay legislation." Christian, faithful, and pro-gay.

so bloody true. that's why New Zealand is awesome. all my gay friends are free to marry :)

Choose a different word next time

If I can chose to marry a man who is British, German, South African, Colombian, Chines, or Canadian why can't every one else marry who they want? Good For them for standing up for their rights.

I resemble that comment

Be happy with what you have a little or a lot. Be content with the small things that can bring happiness xx