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This isn't just being a 90s kid. We did this in the 80s too!

I'm not even a kid and I remember that! Those were the best days! We had them in gym in elementary school.

Cleaning My Room:  10% Cleaning.  30% Complaining.  60% Playing with the stuff I've found!

My kids' cleaning methods.-->Cleaning My Room: Cleaning. Playing with the stuff I've found!

funny pictures that will make your jaw drop laughing

30 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Jaw Drop Laughing

Yes,yes we do! relatable post # 259 Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell.We text or call to say we're outside.

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the second one relates to my situation. so dont waste your time by reading the rest.<<<the second turquoise one is most relatable to my life

Every movie theater needs this... I volunteer!!! - The Meta Picture

Every movie theater needs this…

Im not obnoxious in the theater but if a "movie ninja" did that to me I'd probably crap my pants! This is more proof that england is amazing.

Google Image Result for http://static.themetapicture.com/media/funny-cartoon-man-tired-sleeping-floor.jpg

My schedule for the day…

Funny pictures about My schedule for the day. Oh, and cool pics about My schedule for the day. Also, My schedule for the day.

It just means so much more because of the sunsets

Daily Odd Compliment: You're the prettiest thing I've seen today. And I was looking at, like, a bunch of sunset pictures this morning, so.

Every time.

Replace the Walmart sign with a Target sign, and this is completely accurate for me. I still need shampoo actually.