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Wanted - Hunter Hayes. i love him! Obsessed is actually a better word for it!

some are meant to be together no matter how many times they drift apart

Hunter Hayes lol I love this song it was one of my first dances! ♥

I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever...and never let you forget it...... Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes -Wanted. This song makes me want to fall in love.

"As good as you make me feel, I wanna make you feel better. Better than your fairy tales, better than your best dreams. You're more than everything I need and you're all I ever wanted. All I ever wanted."

country lyrics | love this song

I never really thought about the end of forever...until July 21, 2011...and now every day is a gift from God...and my gift is you.

I absolutely love this song and the lyrics remind me bout how much me and my boyfriend use to be. And it hurts but I get stronger everyday without him