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Load Carrier

Carrier Easy

Carrier Light

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Load Carrier for Labour

Leg Prosthesis

Prosthesis Design

Thomas Belhacene

Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic Leg Design

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Lazarus Techs

Prosthetic Leg Design by Thomas Belhacene

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Design 2012


Microscope Design_2012 on Behance

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Mcd'S Display

Sale window display spelled with a garden hose. Great for an end of summer sale.

Selfridges Pomphorhynchus

Selfridges Window Display

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Visual Merchandising Selfridges

An easy figure to re-create in your window display!

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Sung Ice

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Junggi Sung Product Design #productdesign descretely ergonomic

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12 Jpg 560

Scooter Marino

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Lz Cuatz

Pa Lz

20+ Innovative and Unusual Backpack Designs 20+ Innovative and Unusual Backpack Designs (1) – The Fab Web

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Fire Window

Art Window

Chalk painted elements on the window - create a white frame for people to stand and "be in" when they look in the window... ?

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Backpack Scooter

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Snowshoes Concept Design by Alessandro Notario, via Behance

Women In India

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Cynthia Koenig

50 Liters

19 Liter

Liter Jugs

Design Solving

Transport Water

The WaterWheel - "For 1 in 6 people, access to water requires hard work: hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting."

Jelly Fish

Chameleon Visual



Shop Window Display

Shop Window Ideas

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Sea Life


These make shift jellyfish are so cute! I have no idea what they are made of, but you could easily re-create them using umbrellas and scarves for a cute D.I.Y display!

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Marie Cronier

Pierre Marie

Shoes Bag

BackPack by Pierre-Marie Cronier, via Behance

Behance Network

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Centred Design


Product Ele

Body Image


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Mobile Oxygen by Lina Kuroi, via Behance

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Black Chrome

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Eva Solo "SweepUp" Broom and Dustpan Set

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Window Visual Merchandising!

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DIY CHRISTMAS decorations or DIY FROZEN party decor! DIY paper icicles, this is fabulous! Can't wait to turn my house into a winter wonderland

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Eco Highlighter Yellow: Dry highlighter pencil with natural wood finish and jumbo hexagonal shape. No ink solvents or organic fumes, biodegradable, will not bleed through. This may change the landscape of painting all the pages yellow during panic driven all nighters. Made in Austria. $2 #Highlighter_Pencil #Eco_Highlighter_Yellow


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw Purifies

Water Lifestraw

Lifestraw Filters

Lifestraw Portable

Purifies Water

Lifestraw Works

Lifestraw Emergency

Emergency Water

Testing Lifestraw

LifeStraw® is a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing common diarrhoeal diseases. LifeStraw® requires no electrical power or spare parts and can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean water. - Image of child drinking water from bowl through LifeStraw <3

Co.Designfrom Co.Design

Hey, Cyclists: This LED-Powered Backpack Could Save Your Life

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Wearable Smart

Hey, Cyclists: This LED-Powered Backpack Could Save Your Life | Co.Design | business + design #Bicycles #PatternPod

Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Design

Robotic Design

Leg Design

Design Ideas

Design Kira

Design Lemoncoin

Designer Prosthetics

Design Excellence

Cadence by Seth Astle, winner of the gold 2011 IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) is a prosthetic and pedal for cyclists who are below-the-knee amputees and helps restore proper cycling movements and efficiency.