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How to get out grease-stains that have already been through the dryer

Infographic: Laundry Stain Removal Guide. Pre-treat stubborn stains with everyday household products.

from BuzzFeed

8 Cooking Tips From Julia Child For People Who Aren't Lazy Home Chefs

8 Cooking Tips From Julia Child//

Lavender Essential Oil Baking Soda DIY Air Freshener! - from - freshen up your room with this light and lovely Homemade Air Freshener and fabulous Odor Absorber! #ideas #thefrugalgirls

from Practically Functional®

Clean Tile Grout With This Homemade Grout Cleaner - Practically Functional

Learn how to clean your dirty, dingy grout with this simple homemade grout cleaner! All you need is baking soda and bleach!

The Shelf Life of Food (infographic)
from Jerry James Stone

The Shelf Life of Food (Infographic)

Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen. Here are six of my favorite infographics that will save you some frustration and time when cooking your next meal. These are perfect to print out and keep in a drawer or to stick on the fridge. 1. A Great Substitution Chart

from Cupcakes and Crinoline

DIY Laundry Stain Remover and Detergent Booster

3-ingredient laundry stain remover and detergent booster

from Bren Did

DIY All Natural Deodorant Tutorial

Stop using unhealthy antiperspirant! Learn how to make easy all-natural deodorant that fights body odor with naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients.| DIY Deodorant Tutorial from |

uses for rubbing alcohol = defrost windshields, clean windows, make ice packs, kill fruit flies, remove ticks, erase permanent marker, remove hairspray from mirrors, remove ink stains.