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water during sunset by Shehrazad , via 500px #gold #blue #lights

"water during sunset" by Shehrazad Guerbaoui, via

Macro Photography. Taking a picture using a drop of water as a lens...amazing.

Incredible Macro Photography

water - peaceful, not still

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imádsz búvárkodni? irány egy egyiptomi búvárszafari!  izgalmas merülőhelyek, napfény, magyar csapat és rengeteg merülés: http://www.divehardtours.com/buvar-szafari  #búvárkodás #búvárszafari #egyiptom

This image shows a person alone in water. I like this because it can be quite relate able to people, feeling alone and trapped.

I wish I could freeze this in time and then lie down under it and stare

Clark Little Photography - Amazing // wave art // ocean pictures // dreamy design inspiration for our company Coco Moon

I can totally see Karsyn creating a picture like this!  Simple, yet beautiful and profound.  I absolutely LOVE this!

I like this because its an amazing effect how it looks like the hand is touching a mirror but you can see the ripple of the water so you know it is a reflection

So Peaceful... Incredible.

Lovely ✯ Divine Inspiration Waterfalls Love - waterfallslove

You sit in this magical place feeling the filtered sun on your face... The only…

Sit in this magical place feeling the filtered sun on your face. The only sounds are that of peace, the sound of birdsong, the sound of water moving over stones, the quiet rustling of the leaves.

hyperreal drawing by Daisy So, 17 year old girl from Australia http://77daisy77.deviantart.com/

No, it's not a photograph! The astonishing pictures drawn by PENCIL

water running over woman face, 40 Hyper Realistic Artworks That Are Hard to Believe Aren’t Photographs reflections

Some pictures make u skip a heartbeat again dunno if it's photoshopped but gorgeous nonetheless

Funny pictures about Elephant In The Water. Oh, and cool pics about Elephant In The Water. Also, Elephant In The Water photos.

welcomed.com   “Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” --Caroline Myss (via theriverjordyn)

on rest & harvesting

I was once asked why I never create "moody" art. My answer was simply "I can not" my soul is forever sunshine. My soul constantly looks for the ocean. As the ocean will always soothe my soul. This life is bliss