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The weekend is over. Please drag your ass caffeinated beverage back to your place of employment.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised: Don't Try This At Home

Oh Canadians. Everyone loves to make fun of you because secretly we're insecure and we know that you're better than us.

Well Said, Sir - In other words, STFU. We all have MUCH more troublesome things to worry about than someone's weight. Get over it and get to business on the stuff that matters.

Few Things You Need To Know About Canada<<<as an American, I am very impressed

That’s why Julie Andrews is so great!

I once went to a professional headhunter. They did a personality assessment on me, and the first thing the guy said to me when he saw my results was "You have no patience for stupid people."

This is a little something I call weekdays :/

Dear men who are smart, hot, awesome and madly in love with me: Please start existing.

this is so true for me... I realize that "stupid" is subjective... but still.. :)

Thought she might be getting secret acting lessons. Turns out she's a natural.

FACEBOOK needs these three buttons "Dislike" "Who cares" & "You're an idiot" If there were such buttons who'd be brave enough to be honest & use them? LOL There'd be a lot of ticked off "friends".