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  • Michelle Dixon

    Food for thought!

  • Deb Desruisseaux-Poma

    Not a choice. Not gay rights. Civil rights. Human rights.

  • Kasey Powell

    Living the life style can be a choice. It would like being rich but choosing to live like you're poor. Being Gay or Straight is NOT a choice.

  • kyla elise

    i know the CHOICE to be ridiculed, bullied, threatened, not being able to marry the one you love and to be treated like a second class citizen is appealing. Seriously, we are who we are and we all deserve EQUAL rights.

  • Darrell Wood

    so true get over yourself about it being a choice! ITS JUST WHO I AM!

  • Ariana Leon

    quotes on lgbt | Quotes / LGBT

  • Skyler Kentin

    #choice #lgbt

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LOVE me some Betty White. Wisdom at its best :)

Straight, but I support the LGBTQ community. I'm sorry, but even if you believe homosexuality is "wrong," who are you to oppress others who don't? You want a free country? Well, honey, you're going to have to deal with people who are different. Honestly, the bible was ALL ABOUT love and tolerance, yeah?

If this doesn't get your attention, what will?

#LGBT; yeah, people actually choose to be assholes and they don't get their rights taken away.

That's the way "GOD" intended it to be!! NO CLOSEMINDED ATTITUDES... TO BE HAPPY IS THE ONLY CHOICE!!

Your happiness as a girl maybe with a guy yet me being a girl too i know is with a girl. shouldnt i get my fairytale ending? and shouldnt those two guys? Its america home of the free right? Well my american dream isnt a picket fence and a guy holdingmy hand. I want a girl of my dreams holding my hand! And live on the mountains:) LGBT

And having so many children homeless, the right still thinks it is better to let them live alone, thank with two loving gay parents. Interesting and obtuse perspective.

So true kids are the only people who you love before you know them and stand by their side when you dont agree with them and be grateful they are in your life at all.

Although I'm beyond sick of marriage being the frontrunning queer issue, and possibly even more sick of "keep calm and carry on" manifestations...