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Check out the Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups hilarious political t-shirt from Bad Idea.

If they can do it as two people that are MARRIED, why can't people do it as FRIENDS??

These 2 blow me away! I can't imagine being married to someone with opinions so radically different from me as these 2 demonstrate!

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9 E-Cards You Wish You Could Send Your Ex

Anyone But Hillary 2016 T-Shirt

Anyone But Hillary 2016 T-Shirt

Yet another 'Someday Sewing Room' quote ...

You there! Have you seen my wife? She came into this fabric store for 'just one thing' 2 hours ago. Lance hates going to a fabric store with me!

Be grateful to God in every thing and let God magnify glory through your dear life.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy on gratitude! Be grateful for everything. A thankful is a happy

Wow... kinda floors you & makes you wonder if any more change like this can be survived...

Love the text-as-graphic elements in this Esquire piece. Smart way to encapsulate key data from the story.