So cute!

Flower bun

Lady gaga hair bow. I'm kind of wishing I had longer hair to do this, or a regular top knot, but it years to come this might be our generation's embarrassing hair style, like the perm was, so I might not regret missing this trend.

Braid Flower...woah!

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls.. If Leila would ever let me do her hair!

Beautiful braided ponytail | Kenra Professional. Braided Hairstyles. Ponytail

Hair for little girl- This Took a lot longer than I anticipated. I braided the little ponytails which came out very cute. Definitely a hairstyle I will repeat but will allow a lot more time for.

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Most beautiful braid with curls I've ever seen, need my hair a little longer for this look but everyone should try it

flower girl heart braid

The Chic Updo. This hairstyle works best with shoulder length hair or longer. This is a classier look that's perfect for any formal occasion. !!!


bow pigtailss

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This next style was when she was a little big older, so her hair was a little longer. It starts the same as the first style I showed you, and you achieve it in the same manner. I ended it all the way down at the nape of her neck like a low ponytail. Then I added colorful bows to finish the look off!