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  • Meshia Burry

    Dear Fork, too funny!

  • Tori

    :: QUOTES :: lovely card stock printed by Sapling Press - hilarious! #quotes

  • Kendall Rice

    I burst out laughing! #letterpress, #card, $4.50,shopsaplingpress etsy

  • Jennifer Fontanella

    Love this. I giggled for hours. dear fork, letterpress card. $4.50, via Etsy.

  • Candace Williams

    Dear Fork, I understand we haven't spoken since I ran away with the dish, but I thought you should know that you have a son. His name is Spork. He has your hair. Sincerely, Spoon dear fork letterpress card by shopsaplingpress on Etsy, $4.50

  • Renee Forrest

    Dear fork, you have a son...... -Spoon. This is so funny!

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This is literally my new favorite joke of all time!

Aww :( Poor Gabriel lol. Honestly I first thought of Gabriel from Supernatural when I saw that lol XD

Greeting card Dear 6 Sincerely 7 by anroldesigns on Etsy, $5.95

hahaha my mom does this all of the time. when i worked in a protein chem lab with a jerk of a boss i texted her about my bad day and she kept LOLing me... i had to explain she was being rather unsupportive, as mothers go.

Funny saying painted Wine Glass/Glasses, Better to be a year older than a month late

hilarious. I want to put this on the guest cup. So when they finish they won't know it's there

when ever we go out the people always shout THERE GOES JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SCHMIDT NANANANANAanananana

ha ha ha, Would be the perfect thing to wear when you introduce baby to the family or group of friends for the first time. Bring the cute outfit as a back up since babies always seem to mess up the first thing you dress them in anyways.

Hahahaha that's awesome