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Watermelon and Blackberry Margarita Popsicle / Bakers Royale #recipe

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33 Super-Cool Popsicles To Make This Summer

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Adult Popsicles

Cocktail Popsicles

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Alcoholic Popsicles

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33 Super-Cool Popsicles To Make This Summer. Booze pops at the top of the list, followed by some neat nonalcoholic pops. Not sure if this should be on the cookout board or the bar board. Maybe just both!

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Plum Popsicles

Plum Sorbet and red wine popsicle - 400 gr. plums or cherries 150g. sugar 150g. dry red wine 120 ml Water 1 vanilla pod (which you carve lengthwise)

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Food Network/Trisha

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Pineapple Popsicles by theslowroasteditalian #Popsicle #Kiwi #Pineapple

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Poptails. Cocktail as a popsicle? Yes please.

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Skinny Margarita Popsicles by Just A Taste ~ Oh, man! Need these popsicles ASAP! Love. #skinny #margarita #cocktail #popsicle #recipe


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50 gourmet popsicle recipes!

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lemonade raspberry popsicles - sounds so good

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Alcoholic Popsicles ...aka Poptails. Love this idea!

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Watermelon mojito popsicles

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Vegan Summer Dessert

Watermelon Dessert from sherbet/ice cream and food coloring!!

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Watermelon Mojito Pops / Roost - Roost

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Sex on the beach popsicle