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  • Christine Ennis

    (explanation: Bob, like me and a smattering of other cool people, studies Wing Chun, making him even more awesome than he already was.)

  • Nicole Eyre

    Professor Downey. Creative writing professor is my favorite look.

  • Caytlin Terrill

    Mmm I would love to have RDJ as any teacher...

  • Ayla O'Donovan

    4koma comic strip - Robert Downey Jr.'s Professional Look

  • Lisa

    Robert Downey, Jr., If he was a teacher, I would have perfect attendance

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you know you're hot when you're holding a cane and you still look good. just sayin.

Robert Downey Jr's secret to acting....honestly I could just watch him sit there on screen because he's fuckong gorgeous.

It doesn't even matter if he can play the tuba, because he looks perfect with it. [32 Reasons Why RDJ is the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived]

Haha! "Downey Jr... Robert Downey Jr."

always been a fan (esp. 'less than zero,' 'chaplin,' 'wonder boys' and watched 'chances are' a zillion times!).

Robert Downey Jr. I must admit he always act like Iron Man (in every movie he has acted), but is kind of cute (

I don't drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs. -RDJ

Somewhere out in the world there is a teacher who is in the fandom part of Tumblr during class.


Why I love Robert Downey Jr... such a good man