Guess the candy-Dirty Diaper baby shower game! FUNNY!

Hilarious #BabyShower game: Name That Poo! Individually melt 6 different kind of chocolate candy bars, and spoon them into 6 different diapers. Guests must guess which candy bar the diaper contains!

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Latex gloves with glow sticks in your pond for halloween! That's actually really really creepy

mom or dad baby shower game. One person read the questions one by one and we had to try and guess if the question applied to Mom or Dad. For example, the first question was "Who was born in Kentucky?" So if you thought it was Mom then you put on your lips and if you thought it was Dad you put on your mustache.

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Guess which candy bar made the poopy diaper - fun baby shower game for guests #babyshower #games

Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games we did the guess a baby from the picture game which was fun!

Baby shower game

Water breaks

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7 Ideas for Co-Ed Baby Shower Games | BabyZone

Serve these special ice cubes with your favorite refreshments.

baby shower game

Prizes for baby shower games! Mini nail polish remover, cotton balls ...

Some of the BEST babyshower games Ive heard! not cheesy! Im def using some of these! Sarcasm 101: The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck

Price is Right game for baby shower, great idea!

Baby Shower Games: Printable Baby Shower Games

Baby shower game!