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Ragnar's son, Bjorn who grew up to be Bjorn Ironside, king of Sweden.

Ragnar, Vikings One of my favorite shows on TV. I love Ragnar!

Bjorn | They did an excellent casting job with these 2. They really look alike to me so it isn't that hard to believe. Can't get enough of this show! #vikings

When Ragnar died Björn Ironside inherited Sweden. He had two sons, Refil and Erik Björnsson, who became the next king of Sweden


Björn Järnsida (Ironside), was a Viking raiding France in the 9th century. According to the old sagas he was the son of Ragnar Lodbroks and participated in Ragnars siege of Paris. The sagas also say that Björn got the name Ironside because he was never injured in battle. (Picture from the TV show Vikings).

Lagertha and Bjorn

Lagertha & Ragnar // please let them get back together and conquer thevwest!#Vikings #shieldmaiden

A show about hot vikings you say...Ragnar Lothbrok, History Channel

After Jamie Fraser - the 18th Century Scottish Warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok, the History Channel version Viking, is my FAVORITE fictional character that I would love to get my hands on! My husband calls me a Geeky Girl! LMAO!

Because, seriously, who wouldn't want to be Lagertha?! (Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc./Rachel Tsoumbakos)

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings. "What sensible man would not be afraid of a farmer who made himself a king?"

Ragnar Lothbrok and one of his sons. Vikings.

Ragnar from the show Vikings... LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!


Season 3

Bjorn & Lagertha | Vikings season 2

VIKINGS, Björn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig)

Ragnar from Vikings.