This is so true for all of us.. If we could just judge ourselves on our own scale and not by the scale of others. .

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Love Love Love this.


"Anyone can do something when they want to do it. Really successful people do things when they don’t want to do it."

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Another great quote that means so much and is motivational. All thanks to Nike.

Keep this in mind during your workouts!


Had a not-so-healthy weekend? No problem, we'll see you back in class this week!

Thank you to all of those who said I could never beat them. You helped me to become the athlete I am today.

WOW! Wow! And THIS is why I'm so beyond thankful for all I was taught in Nursing School Psych classes!!!

Lolo Jones was winning the 100m hurdles in the 2008 Olympics, when she tripped on the second to last hurdle! Now she looks for redemption at the London Olympics.

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David Campbell III thinks this is important to Odysseus because he could either make excuses like his men did at certain times throughout their journey, or he could keep working towards his goal and making progress, just like he did. #Inspirational #Quotes

I will

So true and doesn't just apply to sports! Always know that!!!