James Stewart poses with the jazz greats who appear with him in The Glenn Miller Story. Top: Ben Pollack, Gene Krupa, Louis Armstrong, Stewart, Murray McEachern and Babe Russin. Botttom: Trummy Young, Cozy Cole, Barney Bigard and Arvell Shaw

Louis Armstrong

Th Glenn Miller Story.

Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa! The two greatest jazz drummers...period

James Stewart, Trummy Young and Louis Armstrong in “The Glenn Miller Story” (1954)

James Stewart

Doris Day, James Stewart. 1956.

James Stewart with Louis Armstrong & Gene Krupa in "The Glenn Miller Story." 1953

The Glenn Miller Story (1953) One of the most profitable biopics ever filmed, The Glenn Miller Story traces Miller's rise from pit-orchestra trombone player to leader of the most successful big band of his era -- the early 1940s. Girl-next-door June Allyson plays Miller's wife, Helen, who learns the value of patience while Glenn searches relentlessly for "the sound" that will put him on top. Louis Armstrong and Gene Krupa pop up in cameos. James Stewart, June Allyson...4

Duke Ellington

James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

James Stewart and Doris Day on the set of The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much Doris Day, James Stewart

James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock & Doris Day all smiles in 1956

James Stewart, 1946

James Stewart, John Wayne

the man who shot liberty valance John #wayne James #stewart

Glenn Miller

louis armstrong.

James Stewart and Kim Novak in "Vertigo" by Alfred Hitchcock